Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Brand New Blog!!!

I am excited to have a new blog! I have loved reading other blogs and thought I would start one of my own! I am getting married in October of this year to a wonderful man that I have been with for almost 8 years. I am fortunate that I love my job and co-workers! The only downside is that I often work nights and weekends, which can get tiring during our busy season.

On top of all that I LOVE to cook and have a soon to be hubby that loves to eat! He will try everything and anything that I decide to try and thankfully is very honest on the taste!

This year I decided to try one new recipe a week, this has been a fun adventure and I have come out with new recipes that are now firmly placed in the rotation. I love to share these new recipes with my office and decided to share with everyone else. I will always give credit for any ideas that I get from other wonderful food blogs, websites and cookbooks.

I hope you enjoy this blog and that you will have patience with me while I am learning how to blog! :)

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