Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Best Vanilla Buttercream EVER!

You will never need another Vanilla Buttercream recipe!  This is so delicious, just look at those wonderful vanilla bean flecks!  I won't be telling my trainer about this one - ha ha!

I made these for a Birthday in the office and they were a hit!!!  The cupcake was the same recipe as they vanilla cupcakes I made for St. Patrick's Day, they have become my favorite go to cupcake!  They are easy to make and the results are fabulous.  I spruced them up by adding food coloring in four different colors.  I then layered the batter into the cupcake liner and swirled with a toothpick to create a groovy finish!  This would be a lot easier to make in regular sized cupcakes but I really enjoyed this look.

Now for the new recipe that had everyone asking for more - Vanilla Bean Buttercream!  I even converted a non-frosting lover!  Try this today - make something that needs this frosting!

Easy Vanilla Bean Buttercream
Recipe from Brown Eyed Baker

2 1/2 sticks softened butter
1 vanilla bean, split
2 1/2 cups powdered sugar
pinch of salt
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 Tablespoons heavy cream

With a whisk attachment, beat butter until smooth.  With paring knife scrape seeds out of vanilla bean and beat into butter.  Add powdered sugar and salt gradually.  Once fully incorporated add in vanilla and heavy cream.  Beat until fluffy and light - ENJOY!

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