Sunday, January 24, 2010

Meal Plan for the week of January 24th

Along with the rest of the country, we are trying to look at ways to save a little money. One of the ways is to eat more meals at home, I take my lunch into work and we are trying not to waste as much. In addition I do look for coupons and deals when I go shopping.

Here is the plan for dinner this week:

Roast Chicken Breast and Zucchini Casserole

Leftovers or something easy - hubby is going up snowboarding and that usually means I'm on my own for dinner

Skirt Steak and Crispy garlic Potatoes

Pasta of some sort - if there is leftover chicken I will add that in

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
We always eat with my in-laws at least one day a week, I'm hoping for Sushi this week. The others days will probably be a breakfast dinner and something with our friends.

I will post recipes and pictures throughout the week and I hope we can stick to this plan!

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