Saturday, January 22, 2011

A New Year.....

Well I can't believe that January is half way done and that I haven't posted on here since November!!!  It has been a crazy couple of months, I made my first Thanksgiving dinner, hosted a Baking GALS get together and sent out over 20 boxes, missed the holiday's with my parents to go to Egypt for a death in my husband's family, and worked my butt off!

It's a new year and with that I have some goals as well as a fresh new look to this blog!  Many of these involve food, of course, so I thought that I would share them:

  • Eat more fruit and veggies: we do a really good job of this but it could always improve!  We did get a wonderful juicer and the hubby has become obsessed with the new juice combinations that he can make!  So far I am loving just straight apple, with one carrot only cause the hubby says I have to!
  • Cook one new recipe a week: I love trying new recipes and this blog has really helped to make me look outside of my usual meal plans.  
  • Archive my families recipes in a cookbook: this is an idea that I came up with while we were in Egypt and I was getting recipes from my husbands aunts.  When my grandmother passed when I was young we all got a copy of her recipes.  I can't wait to start trying them out again and sharing with you and the rest of my family!
  • Practice cookie decorating: this is a fun one!  I am constantly inspired by the blogs out there with beautifully decorated cookies and can't wait to get started!

Along with these goals is a renewed desired to share my recipes on this blog.  Stay tuned!

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