Monday, February 22, 2010

Best Husband Ever!

I have the best husband ever! He is really enjoying this blogging experience- mostly because he is getting to enjoy all the food that is coming out of the different recipes that I'm trying. I happened to tell him that I had seen these really cool photo boxes that help people take better pictures of their food, and was thinking of making one. That's all it took for him to begin sketching and scheming! After all he is the artistic director/photographer of this blog! You can see him fluffing the rice on the yummy jambalaya recipe - that will be posted tomorrow!

Within an hour of telling him what I envisioned, I had this wonderful box that is made of cardboard, that can be folded down to store. I love it! The pictures are already looking sharper and I can't wait to continue using it!

Because I know he's reading this right now - I really do love my hubby!

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