Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March Baking Gals

It's that time again!  This months care package included S'mores granola bars, chewy chocolate chip cookie bars and Oatmeal Spice cookies from my kitchen.  We also included some Chex mix, Planter's trail mix, Black Licorice and a couple of boxes of instant drink packets.  We also included two issues of Snowboarder magazine - hopefully this will be something that they enjoy!

We hope that these care packages let them know how much we appreciate the sacrifices and support that they give our country!


  1. Yummy! They will love it. But black licorice? ewwwwww! ;)

  2. Ha-ha! That's the argument I always have but my in-laws, dad. and husband love it! You either love it or hate it! :)