Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dulce de Leche - Slow Cooker Method

Our good friend just went to Argentina a couple of months ago, along with some strange herbal alcohol he brought back Dulce de Leche.  The best Dulce de Leche ever made!  Since having a spoonful - I have been obsessed with making some.  After looking around the internet, I decided that I would try the Slow Cooker method.  It seemed to be the method that was least likely to explode all over my kitchen or take hours in the oven.  You just plop it in and wait, although I won't lie - every time my husband and I heard any noise from the kitchen we both wondered if the can was on the verge of explosion!

Simply take a can of sweetened condensed milk, remove the wrapper.  Place the can in your slow cooker and cover with water.  Cook on low for 6 - 7 hours.  I left mine to cool in the slow cooker overnight and once I opened it was met by this wonderful thick caramel.  Delish!

I will admit that I have had a couple of spoonfuls straight from the can/jar!  I am debating what I want to make with this - I think a Dulce de Leche ice cream would be delightful, maybe a cheesecake!  Stay tuned!

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